Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Family's coming over this evening!

Up North, 2011
1.  The Family:  My parents, my sister (Amy) and her husband (Rob.)  My niece (Sarah) and her husband (Tim) and their baby (Mason.)  Daboys (Jay & Mac) and Dagirlz (Kateland & Susan.)  My aunt (Kathy) and her daughter (Brooke.) 
2. We're having a campfire at sunset.
3. The Mr.'s making sloppy joes.
4. Amy's in charge of appetizers, bringing Buffalo dip.
5. S'mores, naturally.
6. My folks are contributing cider & donuts.
7. I'm making cocoa from scratch and creating a cocoa bar with toppings and goodies to stir in.
8. We are going to draw names for Christmas gifts this evening.
9. Mac's girl Susan usually works on Saturdays but she got today off-yay!
10. Any fun stuff going on in your neck of the woods this weekend?


Pat said...

Is it time to come over yet?

Rita said...

Yes, what time can we come? : ) We'd love to be a part of the get together with your family. Have a great time. We live in Northern Indiana so no problem getting there.:)