Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TDA, collecting donations to eradicate this terrible condition

So last weekend I was all excited to pull out my Autumn decorations.  Love Autumn, love nesting...yay!  The Mr. goes down to the basement (where I have always stored them in a box on the counter) and informs me; they ain't there.  Then he goes up into the attic and comes down with a different box.  It's a nice enough box, a plastic tote.  I was a little impressed.  He must have gotten the pile o'stuff organized last year.  I cleaned and polished and swept the house and then with great happiness, opened the box.  Which contained.  Three items.  A ceramic statue that was my Grandma Trent's.  A ceramic pumpkin that was my Grandma Trent's.  And a sparkly pumpkin that Mac bought at Walgreen's. 
I KNOW I have more items than these.  The Mr., as seems to often happen, has total decoration amnesia and insists this is all there is or ever has been.  Mac even looked around and said, "Where's the Autumn leaf garlands for the curtain rods????  There's more stuff somewhere!"  The little sign that hangs on my back door?  A figment of my imagination apparently.  Mac's girlfriend came over to see my Autumn decorations and said very sweetly, "Your decorations are nice.  I was, kind of, picturing, um, more?"  Yes, Susan, there is more!
Speaking of Susan, she calls my mom's basement Grandma's TJ Maxx basement as there are many many things down there.  Treasures for just such a moment as seasonal decoration when one's husband has total decoration amnesia (TDA.)  If the Mr. doesn't find my goodies, my mom has invited me to shop there.  Mark my word, if my stuff isn't found, it won't bode well.  I had what the Mr. thought was "too much stuff."  Ha!  If I go shopping in Grandma's TJ Maxx basement?  This place is gonna be a showcase that will require more than one little tote! 
I like to call it revenge decorating.

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Pat said...

Susan's coming over today... Trent Junk to the Maxx aka TJ MAXX.
Dean will be suffering from shock and awe, when this is over!