Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

1.  Taking a giant leap out of the 90's, I traded in my flip phone for a smart phone.
2.  I don't like it!
3.  I am assured I will looooooove it when I get used to it, we'll see.
4.  It doesn't have a fancy name like Galaxy or anything so I'm calling it a Nokia Super Duper; NSD for short.
5.  I worked 2 days at hospice last week and then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at the old hospital helping with some administrative projects.  I guess a person can't complain about too many opportunities to work :) 
6.  This week I'm at hospice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; old hospital on Wednesday cross-training in utilization review.
7.  Got a notice from the city yesterday that on Monday our driveway is being torn out and replaced and our side of the street will have no parking for 2 weeks.  I'm told it's "Good news!!"  Harumph!
8.  I think I shall pull my Autumn decorations out this weekend!!  Yay!
9.  There is a good chance I will not be leaving my house until Monday morning.
10. P.S., I downloaded an app on my new NSD and now I can't get it to stop playing Christmas music.  Do you think that will be a problem at hospice?

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donna said...

You are funny. I am putting my fall decorations out...I only have a couple :)