Friday, December 12, 2008


The Mr. has been pestering me for two weeks so I guess I'll break down and go Christmas shopping this weekend. No, I have not started shopping yet. I really don't love Christmas shopping. Especially when it starts to become the purchasing of items for the momentary satisfaction of a pile of boxes to unwrap but really represents the waste of money. I can't even come up with three things I want for Christmas and frankly, can't come up with three things to buy the Mr. or daboyz! So why do we need to go looking for Christmas gifts? For heaven's sake, I got a house this year!

I do need to pick up some gifts for certain individuals but my style is to make my list, hit the stores quickly and get out. If I have to wander the aisles looking for something, anything to buy; I'm outta there. Mid summer I'm always ready to do my shopping and the Mr. pretty much refuses. Mid December he's ready to do the shopping and I don't want any part of it. But Christmas is going to be here and as I said, there are a few items I do need to take care of. So when he comes home tonight and again says, "We need to go Christmas shopping!" I will embrace the spirit of the season and reply,


And may all your Christmases be white.
P.S. Sta'; never buy the optional books.


Margie said...

I'd like a new bottle of perfume please... The original Hanae More. There, glad I could make it easier for you :)

P.S. I heard daboyz and the Mr. want sock monkey slippers! and your mom too!! but shhh.. don't tell them I told you!!

Deb said...

give them cash.

Trish said...

Did ya have fun? Did you know that you are alot like my husband??? You can certainly tell you're're both such people persons!!!