Saturday, December 20, 2008


1. I'm an excellent snow driver.

2. Being inside seeing the snow outside is one of the most poignantly blessed feelings of my life.

3. The Christmas lights are extra pretty.

4. I don't feel lazy about watching movies all day.

5. At night if you are very quiet, you can hear the snow falling.

6. The sun is extra bright.

7. I have a garage for my truck, no more cleaning off my car in the morning.

8. Snow crunching underfoot sounds like Christmas.

9. You need cookies for energy to keep you warm.

10. It's excellent napping weather.


Trish said...

I love Blizzards! Watched The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant last night, it was wonderful!!! It is bright...we had lots of snow glare in our front window this morning!
It surely feels like Christmas...lovin' everything about it!

Trish said...

p.s. Isn't it fab not to have to scrape the ice and snow from your truck???

Mrs. Mac said...

I especially like the cookies for energy part ;) Enjoy your blizzardy weather all snuggly watching movies today.

Kell said...

I love Blizzards too!

The snow was falling so hard yesterday that I could actually hear it hitting the house. I sat listening to it for over 15 minutes.

Saija said...

*laughing* ... yup, all true ...

we missed the blizzard, but we did get snow ... and the cold continues ... a real old fashioned winter ...

blessings on ya!