Monday, December 15, 2008

Dear Jesus, I am very sorry I made fun of the Mr. Please fix my garage door.

Sigh. So when last we met I was awaiting the hospital maintenance guy to rescue me. Actually, two of them drove from Ferndale so that A. I could come to work and B. to save me a repair bill. They drive up and immediately say that my door is indeed all the way open. I say no, it's not. There's no way my truck will clear it. They did not argue.

Then after some assessment and discussion they explain to me what has happened. The rope thingy that hangs down (see picture) got slammed in my door and when I backed out, I pulled on it. This apparently disengages the automatic door to make it manual. This I did not know. So when the CEO of the hospital (did I mention this part?) was trying to talk me through the situation I was re-engaging the automatic door. So why did not the door opener work? Because I had parked my truck half in and half out of the garage when the door came slamming down on me and I was blocking the electric eye beam thingy! Since the door thought there was something in the way (like a Ford F-150 supercab 4x4) it would not move!

They maintenance guys told me to pull forward, I did. The maintenance guys clicked the door opener, and it worked. The maintenance guy #1 (heretofore called the nice maintenance guy) was very sweetly telling me what had happened without making me feel overly ridiculous. Maintenance guy #2(heretofore called mean maintenance guy) was taking our picture with his digital camera.

If you think that's as absurd as the story gets, I called my mom 2 hours after alerting her to my situation to tell her I'm on my way to work and she says, "Boy, you've been trapped in the garage all this time?"

No! I was not trapped in the garage but if my mother thought I was, why did she not come by to help me or at least slide a Dunkin' Donuts under the door!

The lesson is even the mean maintenance guy is more concerned for my welfare than some people who shall remain nameless!

Meanwhile, everywhere I walk at the hospital people are shaking their heads and laughing at me. I think the maintenance guys might've told on me.
OH! and by the way, the nursing staff called my cell phone mid drama to ask me if Ethel and I were stomping grapes and the Social Work Director called to ask if I had any Vitameatavegamin left for Christmas gifts!


Pat said...

Jesus will not forgive you if you speak unkindly of your mother either!
I did not mean "YOU" personally were trapped in the garage, I meant your truck, which I really didn't care about. If I thought it had been you, I would have certainly rolled a doughnut under the door once I stopped laughing at you. So there! hrmmmpppp!

Trish said...

You should've called me I would've even brought you Tim Horton's coffee and rolled a Donut under the door. Good Night...Lucy!

Margie said...

oh lucy, when you are going to be involved in such escapades, friends are need. Please call me so I can laugh at, oh, I mean with you...


Constance said...

What a great story! I enjoyed the update and the follow up on the garage door adventure!

When I first started cleaning houses, I started out working for a business and was a greenhorn in a lot of ways! The one family told me that I should hit the garage door opener as I came out the back door and then exit through the garage. Sounds easy enough right?

Problem #1:
They had a huge boat parked in the way so that I had to run around the boat which took longer. By then, the garage door was too low for me to duck under. I wasn't going to pretend to slide into home plate just to get out!

Problem #2
After several attempts I figured out how many seconds I needed in order to exit successfully. They had an electric beam sensor and the door went automatically back up! No way could I have enough clearance to jump over the beam and not hit the garage door coming down!

I went through this about 10 times in all, all the while, having a house construction crew of Hispanic men watching and laughing at me from the lot next door!

Finally I called my boss and told him what was going on and to tell the homeowners that I had locked the back door but was unable to close the garage door and that they needed to come by and take care of it!

I had forgotten all about this! Ha Ha! Thanks for giving me another chuckle!

Deb said...

I needed a belly laugh today! lol!!

KayMac said...

I am going to make you an Emergency Garage kit...flashlights, mre's, fresh drinking water, and a morse code handbook so you can signal by-passers to perhaps come rescue you if your cell phone runs out of bars!!

you are a HOOT!

Mrs. Mac said...

Oh my, what a lesson on ratting out the Mr. being stuck in the garage. At least his embarrassment was limited to the story his dear wife posted on the WWW to strangers. Your incident is now traveling the halls of the hospital with visions of Lucy in everyone's head (spitting coffee rofl)