Friday, March 19, 2010

Bonus Day!

Such a silly day today.
I scheduled a vacation day to accompany the Mr. & the folks to a few doctor's appointments. Yesterday I realized that taking the day off would result in one manager covering for three of us due to multiple days off & off-site conferences so I decided to go ahead and work. I wasn't really needed as an escort and with the nice weather and recent acquisition of a handicap sticker, it's a little easier to get around with ma & pa. So I slept in, taking advantage of not being expected at work, as the Mr. left for the day with his parents. When I finally awakened and checked my e mail I dropped a line to the manager on duty that I would be in shortly to help out. She immediately responded that I was not to come in, she had it covered and the day was too pretty to come to work on a scheduled vacation day. So here I am, Mr. already gone and no one wanting me at work.
Bonus day! Did I say that out loud?
I'm going to update my photo blog, maybe change up the header on this one. Already took a few pictures of the yard waking up. I made two loaves of bread last night for the staff, think I'll freeze them until Monday. Every week I make a batch of cookies so today I'm thinking oatmeal raisin.
I have a few things I need to purchase online and a few things I need to pick up from the store.
Did I mention I am finding myself on a bonus day?
Not sure what I'll get done, maybe nothing. But it sure is a nice day to do nothing.

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