Saturday, February 05, 2011

10 stuffs

1. I like Winter. It is just...appropriate. Seasons should change. Which is why in a few months.
2. I like Spring.
3. There is something just so wonderful about settling into a freshly turned down bed with a book and a bed side lamp in the evening.
4. When in doubt, a pony tail is always a good choice.
5. Apropos of number four, I think the next time I get my hairs did I will have the longest layer shortened so I will have no more layers but this will create a chin-length bob. Thoughts?
6. Apropos of number five, I will then take approximately 2 years to grow enough hair for a pony tail.
7. I saw a woman in a movie with approximately the same coloring as mine with really deep mauve eye shadow in the lid and neutral eye shadow on the brow. It was so pretty. Too daring?
8. Hoodies...I lurv them.
9. Next month I am eligible for new glasses, very excited about this. I am thinking about tortoise shell.
10. It's cold, I am wearing a hat today. I lurv hats.

Image: Amy & I.


Pat said...

1. I don't mind winter..I don't like so much snow!
7. I saw Carmindy on What Not To Wear do that color combo on a gal with our coloring...fantastic! Try it!
9. Tortoise shell is the BEST color for glasses.

Mrs. Mac said...

I love when you get your 'hairs did' ..

Trish said...

I love that we live where we get to enjoy all 4 seasons.
I wish i would have gotten tortoise shell frames last summer but talked myself out of it...duh.
My hairs is what it is...