Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mitten Madness

So what does someone in the Mitten do in the deep winter freeze of February? For one thing, she starts to hear birds in the early morning right around Valentine's day and she remembers...spring is coming. Then she spends a few minutes dreaming of coffee on the back porch and Boston ferns hanging in the warm breeze. Ahh, now she feels a little less crazy.
Time to look around the house and imagine what exciting things might be done at the homestead. Here's what we're thinking about here at the Smith-sonian.

My grandmother's bedroom set has been displaced into the front guest room by my new Mission set. I will be picking up a new comforter set from Target and doing some updating in our bedroom. Then there's that guest room that now houses the Eleanor bedroom set. Mac wants the bed and highboy when he gets married but for now it will be going to visit my sister's house in her larger guest room.
In our basement is a wooden fireplace surround that was once at The Farm. I've wracked my brain trying to figure out how to integrate into our home to no avail until~
Ah Martha! How I love/hate you! How simple and cute is this? CLICK. The Mr. will be painting our mantle creamy white and finishing it to turn it into a sentimental shabby chic perfect guest bed!
Moving on, we have a little butcher block table was once in the kitchen at_____I'll let you fill in the blank. Casters will be added to give it some height and easier mobility so it will become an island work station in the kitchen and we'll add a few stools to store underneath for a coffee break spot. The kitchen table is moving into the original dining nook...

The computer table which was formerly at The Farm (good grief, I'm starting to sound quite ridiculous), will scoot down the wall a few feet into the C.S. Lewis room which is slowly becoming my own little space in the world where it will reside with the piano and a loverly reading chair.
That's all the news so far! I'm excited with my plans for some simple refreshing of our home and minimum money invested as I look around and make use of the beautiful items we already own and repurpose furniture and space for a new outlook. The best part is, if we don't like the results there is little lost in the effort and we can easily return to where we started.
Fun, huh? Well, I think it's fun! Stay tuned for pictures of the works in progress and the final reveal.
Happy am I!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Mitten Madness leads to spring/summer bliss .. and you'll have some loverly new home decor projects to fill up your weekend time until you can sip coffee on the patio and enjoy the Boston ferns once more .. life is good in smithville! :)