Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Wow, the days have been flying by lately! I am awake early this morning on Michigan Blizzard Watch plus I've got a little gastritis going on. Unfortunately, I'm off to work shortly because lots of folks are calling in due to snow. Side note, if you believe it is ok to call off because of snow you should not be a nurse. It's called abandonment, not a snow day. Anyway...
My mom, sister, Trish, Kellerbell, Manda (Trish's daughter) and Lexi (Mac's girlfriend) went to Grand Rapids last weekend for some girl time and to see the Princess Diana exhibit. What a great time! You can read and see the photos at my mom's blog. I have to say, Princess Diana was the Jacklyn Kennedy of my generation. For those of us who love clothes, she set the standard of fashion. For those of us having babies, even in her wealth and royal lifestyle she was a loving mom who showed the strain and struggle of meeting obligations but just wanting to holding her babies. For those of us whose marriages weren't perfect, she didn't always hold it together and made us feel a little less ashamed. And in general, the woman was beautiful & a compassionate humanitarian. Seeing her clothes and jewelry was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I am so glad I went. Not to mention, those women are some of my best friends as well as my family.
Dean's dad is having good days and bad days as expected. His mom is not a natural caregiver so the Mr. is now struggling with whether home hospice will work because she needs to be engaged in his care and that doesn't seem to come naturally to her. Please continue to pray. Frankly, there is a point when it's time to close your eyes to this world and open them in heaven.
Well, I better get going. As I said at the start, I'm not feeling great and it would be better to stay home. Unfortunately, half of our nurses took a "snow day" today so I'll be going to work. If you're going out in the snow, be careful and take it slow. If you're staying in...enjoy the beauty.
Update: Thanks to my beautiful midnight shift counter-part who worked miracles with staff and my day shift counter-part who is making her way in; I am working from home and more importantly-close to my own bathroom. In fact, I am kind of working from my bathroom! Anyway, I am on call but probably not going in to the hospital. Thank you Lord!


Mrs. Mac said...

Feel better .. glad you're able to be a queen on a throne at home .. instead of at the hospital. Your trip to Grand Rapids was smashing! (a good smashing;) I like your new blog layout .. I'm about ready to ditch the snow scene on mine .. outta respect for you Michiganders. Praying Jesus is evident in the life and care of Dean's dad. Hugs,

Pat said...

Love your new template! Beauteous!
Get well, stay warm, eat soup.