Monday, February 07, 2011

Do you see what I see?

During the holidays the Mr. was attempting to hook up a new cable box and just couldn't get it working. So he calls Comcast for some assistance.

Comcast: "Sir, there is a small white sticker on the side of your cable box. Do you see it?"
Dean: "Yes."
Comcast: "On the sticker is a series of numbers."
Dean: "There are no numbers on my sticker."
Comcast: "Sir, every sticker has numbers on it. You need to punch those numbers into your remote to reset your cable box."
Dean: "There are no numbers on my sticker."
Comcast: "Sir, the function of the white sticker is to provide the numbers used to program your cable box. Please look closely."
Dean: "There are no numbers on my sticker."
Comcast: "Sir, if you cannot see the numbers on your sticker, please bring your box into the Comcast office for assistance."
Dean: "Ok, because there are no numbers on my sticker."

So the Mr. is grumbling and disconnecting the cable box when Mac walks in. Dean explains that of all the white stickers on all the cable boxes of the world, only his is lacking the magical numbers to reset his box.
Mac looks at the white sticker and punches in a series of numbers into the remote. The television springs to life.

Dean: "Where did you get those numbers?"
Mac: "Off the white sticker on the side of the box."
Dean: "There are no numbers on my sticker."
Mac: "They are right there."
Dean: "There are no numbers on my sticker. I can't see them."
Mac: Laughs hilariously for several minutes. "Oh Dad, you're old and you can't see." (Because being old and unable to see is very very funny when you are 21.)
Mac proceeds to parade a variety of items in front of the Mr. demanding he read the fine print. The Mr. is shocked at how many items that should certainly have some kind of label are lacking any words on them. Ingredients lists are not on the Sweet & Low packets. Copyright information is not on the DVD case. Mac laughs hilariously some more.
Keep laughing Mac. Time is coming for you too.


Mrs. Mac said...

You really should have warned me to bring a spit rag when reading your post .. rofl .. with coffee dripping everywhere ;)

Pat said...

Has the Scooter Store called yet?

Trish said...

Poor Dean, he is so funny! I remember, teasing my Daddy that soon he'd be holding the newspaper with his feet, because his arms wouldn't stretch any farther!
Ya' know, of all the things about aging...The thing that I really miss most is my eagle eyes!

Debra said...

Oh that is sooo funny! I am laughing and laughing, but only because I can so identify.:) My days of having perfect vision are only a pleasant memory... Thanks for sharing! Debra

Margie said...

lol! Mac. He cracks me up! Please give him a hug (a big one!) from me. I miss him. And please tell him I love him.