Saturday, July 02, 2011

10 updates~

1. Working the weekend.

2. Leaving for vacation late Sunday evening!

3. One week Up North.

4. Housework & laundry done.

5. Somehow I managed to make my appointment to get my hairs did right in the middle of my vacation. Gonna have to reschedule.

6. Got a new bathing suit...surprisingly I am pretty happy with it.

7. Gonna try to hit the Target for a beach cover-up.

8. Gotta stop by the folks for the Up North linens.

9. I intentionally left several tasks to do at work this weekend which I hope will make the time fly.

10. Attitude is everything and it's a choice.

Image: Donny laying in his "hot hole."

1 comment:

Odie Langley said...

Loved the picture of the great dog but where is the picture of you in the new bathing suit? Have a great vacation.