Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's plans~

Update: The doctor removed 4 polyps, 2 raised and 2 flat, during the Mr.'s procedure. They have been sent for biopsy with results expected next week. Other than that, he tolerated everything well and we even stopped for dinner on the way home. Now we just wait for the good report!

Good Tuesday Neighbors!
Today I remain off work although I refuse to call it a "vacation" day, despite my employer saying it is. It is in fact....
Aren't you glad you stop by here? Actually it's not my colonoscopy day, it's the Mr.'s, which is why I can make fun of it. The poor guy's been "going lytely" all morning. And since he's indisposed, he is unable to prevent me from sharing his experience. By the way, someone I work with calls this procedure a "colonapostrophe." I'm just hoping it's not a coloncatastrophe. See how much fun this can be when it's not your actual colon?
Although the Mr. is not yet 50, his doctor decided to go ahead and do the procedure a few years early because both his dad and grandfather had prostate cancer. All giggling aside, these screening tests available to us are truly a miracle and a blessing. If you love your family and the people who love you, get those screenings!
So I am the designated driver for this afternoon's event. This morning we are staying close to home, for obvious reasons. The weather here is already 80F and muggy. I had my first cup of coffee and smoothie on the back porch but I wimped out and came back inside for the air conditioning which has been running nonstop lately. We had a storm system move through our town yesterday afternoon and there were a lot of downed trees and power lines. One family's home burned to the ground just a few minutes from our house, another's garage burned. A woman was injured when a tree fell on her. My goodness, Lord help them. You won't hear any complaining from this girl inside her air conditioned house.
Finally, I crave, I need, I die for bannock. Have you had bannock? My dad used to make it in the 70s, it's a kind of Native American fry bread although I suspect that South American cultures have something similiar. It's made in a cast iron skillet and of late, I have been craving, needing and dying for a reason to use my cast iron skillet. If you are wondering when I last used mine...the answer would be never. I claimed two, a large and small one, from my Grandma Trent's basement when she passed. For some reason, I think of them as having been my Great Grandma Vada Trent's skillets. This may be completely untrue...mom please confirm.
So those are Tuesday's plans. What's up in your neighborhood?


Pat said...

I have idea what the origin of those skillets is, could be QVC for all I know. But, if you want me to say they were probably your great grandmothers, I will, just to make you happy.
Praying for Dean... and you, your day will come!

Trish said...

The worst is almost over...the prep is the pits. I have survived 3 colotastrophies. And your Mom is right...your day will come.
Praying for Dean and good results.

Odie Langley said...

Since I am 64 I have had the procedure done a number of times. The only bad part to me is drinking that horrible stuff the evening before. As far as the procedure goes I never know anything about it. they give me a shot and the next thing I know it's time to leave the hospital and find something to eat. Hope it goes well for him.

Margie said...

I'm glad that Dean doesn't mind being the butt of your jokes!

Pat said...

That should have read I have NO idea, but I guess you figured it out.