Monday, July 25, 2011

White ware~

See all that white dinner ware? I love that. Target has an entire aisle of white dinner ware that I may just go look at today without the Mr. The Mr., you see, dislikes all white dinner ware. He likes saturated colors, jewel tones. So when I'm at Target in the white ware aisle, he is shuffling his feet and looking around and in general, irritating me. We currently have very colorful dinner ware that, I will admit, is pretty. But I only cooperated with the colorful plates because colorful plates will chip and then have to be quickly replaced at which point I would appeal to the Mr.'s frugal side and mention him having chosen the last set and then I'd start my white ware collection in no time at all.

That was about 3 years ago. Why won't these plates chip? I'm not gentle with them. And they were not expensive. In fact, they are Target plates which we got on clearance. They certainly should not be holding up this well!

Let's talk about white ware.

If it chips, it is not going to be as obvious. It is flexible for every season and holiday. It's classic and farm housey. Finally, it lends itself to one my favorite decorating's mixy matchy. You can add pieces from thrift stores, antique shops and department stores and it just gets better and better. You are not committed to a kitchen color scheme. It's perfect really.

Unless the Mr. bought some colorful Target plates 3 years ago that refuse to chip.

So today I have no particular plans and certainly a few things that truly need doing but I am beckoned to the white ware aisle at Target where I spotted a large white ceramic pitcher. I neeeeeed that pitcher. I am thinking it is probably a little over-priced at the moment because it's a new addition to the collection but I neeeeeeeed it. I want to put it in the middle of my kitchen table and fill it with flowers.

White ware.

Talk amongst yourselves...


Odie Langley said...

We use white ware at our house. The brand name is Hefty foam plates.

Pat said...

Odie, you crack me up!

Jada's Gigi said...

What Target do you shop at?? I destroyed my Target set in less than a year! Bought new stuff at Pier One...destroyed it in less than a I am using chipped dinnerware...because i can't afford to replace it AGAIN so soon! :(

Diane said...

I must confess to having tastes much more akin to the Mr.'s, but you have made such a valed argument, I may just have to trot on down to the Target and check out the white ware aisle! ;-)

Many hugs..........


BTW, Odie, I don't know you, but you are always so funny! Thanks for the laugh!