Friday, July 22, 2011

New every moment~

If there is any advice that I'd say will benefit anyone, it's embracing the philosophy of new beginnings. This is another one of those God laws that all of creation obeys whether intentionally or not. With just a little bit of looking, it won't be hard to find scripture after scripture about new every morning, renewing of the mind, all things are made new. I love that every moment of every day can be a fresh start. I also love that with the mind of Christ we have this new beginning super power, this incredible wisdom to see new beginnings all around us. By new beginnings I mean opportunities for redemption. When I'm at my best, I find endless details to redeem from mundane or even discouraging to exciting, comforting and sweet.
Don't make this too complicated, that's the first rule. Think of the ultimate new beginning, salvation. Could it really be any easier? Rule number one of fresh starts is to remember who does the real work...God. Not the overwhelmed me trying to figure it out, good grief! Dependent upon my own creativity and motivation and energy we'd be in serious trouble. God's law is that the universe is in continuous redemption. Don't believe it? Leaves fall, the ground becomes dormant and then from gray mud and gray skies and cold winds tiny green shoots start pushing beginnings. Heat waves dry out the ground and then rain falls. We could call the process of the redemption of man a complicated thing but when you come right down to it, it's accomplished in the blink of an eye and even without spoken words. It's the nod of the soul that redeems us.
Go find your new beginning today. I'm not really talking about changing careers or losing 100 pounds, although that's pretty awesome. But I think that finding the finer opportunities are even more awesome. The sleeping in on a day off just for the luxury of it and letting yourself do it. Or the getting up early on a day off to make the most of a quiet slow morning. The straightening of the living room before you sit down with a bowl of popcorn and a movie can do wonders to renew a tired mind.
Last night I was worn out and sweaty and headachy after work. I took a long shower, gave myself a mini pedi, used some wonderful lotion, crawled into bed in a fresh nightgown at 6:30 p.m. with a library book. Silly and simple but it started my tired mind and body over. This morning I feel rested. I could have just easily crawled into bed skipping all the in-between but the details made it nicer.
How many new beginnings can you find today? It's really just the law of redemption working over and over and over.

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Jada's Gigi said...

I love New! Usually it doesn't take much to make things feel new either..just gotta pay attention.