Monday, July 04, 2011

Up North for the Fourth~

As you read this, I will be awakening in Northern Michigan and having a cup of strong black coffee on the porch swing. Ahhh. We wait all year for this. In fact, I'm writing this on Sunday and scheduling it to post on Monday because by the time Monday actually happens I will be far from all things tech not to mention the ever-present reachability that so wears me out. Many people have asked what it is we do Up North. Well...
We go to my parent's cottage for a week.
We eat a lot. Big breakfasts are required by law.
We have campfires at night and roast marshmallows. Then we just sit there in the dark quiet feeling very small and safe and peaceful.
We read, we play board games, we watch old DVDs that we only watch during our summer vacation, but we watch them every year. Funny Farm, Major Payne...
We sleep and sleep. We catnap until bed time.
We swim, we take Donny to the lake and watch him swim.
This year we are taking a picnic lunch to Clear Lake State Park.
Basically, we reduce our world to a little cottage and just the four of us and a hound dog. It's been this way every July 4th week since the boys were tiny and now we know we are in the final years. One of these days one of daboyz will announce he's not coming Up North. But not this year.
So enjoy your Independence Day wherever you are, with love from Lewiston, Mi.
Image: Downtown Lewiston, 1966. It's pretty much the same!


Odie Langley said...

Sara you are experiencing what most of us would love to do so enjoy it while you can with a full group. Linda & I were talking last night about how nice it has been to have not seen a TV since we left home. I have had only 1 telephone call so being away from tech stuff except this computer that connects me to my blog family has been wonderful. Hope you take lots of pictures for us to enjoy. Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

Debra said...

Loved hearing about your yearly getaway--it truly sounds like a slice of Heaven. Really enjoyed the photo, too. Thanks for sharing and may you come home very relaxed! ...Debra

Stacy said...

This is very similar to what we do on our up north summer trip at the end of July--minus the dog! Peace, simplicity, family, food, and fun...doesn't get much better! Enjoy!!

Jada's Gigi said...

What a perfect holiday tradition!!

Pat said...

I ate all but one of your ripe tomatoes. I left that for you.