Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weirdos. Skillets. Etc.

Six days Up North.
Colonoscopy escort.
Library & yard work.
Back to reality tomorrow tomorrow. I know it's time and I'm happy to report that I've matured enough not to dread the end of vacation. Have you ever been one of those people who started every happy day with the countdown until it would be over? The Sunday night, 12 more hours, 10 more hours, 8 more hours and the weekend is over...I've done that. No more. I live in the moment as much as possible. It doesn't come naturally but with practice, intentional purposeful "nowness," I am getting the hang of it. A surprise bonus of the right mindset is when you enjoy the moments of rest and fun they can do the refreshing they are supposed to do, give you a jump start back into the workaday world. When you live in countdown mode you never put yourself into refreshing mode. That's my wisdom for the day. :)
Today I slept very late, which I don't normally do. It was my last-day-of-vacation gift to myself. I made waffles for breakfast and ate on the back porch taking my time with my coffee. The Mr. & I went to Lowe's where I got a pot of impatiens to replace a container shrub that wasn't flourishing and I bought some succulents. I love succulents only I prefer to call them weirdos because they are so, well, weird. And if I tell Dean I want 6 succulents he has no idea what I'm talking about but when I say I want 6 weirdos he knows exactly.
It makes perfect sense to me.
I dug out my rescue cast iron skillet which was far rustier than it was in my imagination. Dean thought it was unsalvagable but by definition, aren't these things supposed to be indestructible? Well I spent an hour scouring it with sand paper, sea salt & lemon and coffee grounds until low & behold it started looking like a person could actually cook in it! I rubbed oil into the surfaces and it's now baking in a low oven and I predict a beautifully seasoned skillet ready for my multiple skillet creations I've only recently realized I need to make. And that my friends, made me very happy.
For dinner the Mr. made smoked chicken breasts with some wood chips the neighbor gave us and I used 4 leftover baked taters to make twice-baked potatoes and we rounded it out with a fresh garden salad. My garlic chives, fresh from the garden, were delicious on the potatoes by the way!
Dinner is done, I have a stack of library books just picked out today and I'm shortly off to crawl into bed with a book and a very peaceful and well-rested heart, mind and body.
As I've said before, if you are looking for the boring details of a very simple life you've come to the right place. Rest assured that pictures of my new weirdos and impatiens are yet to come as well as updates on the skillet and the bannock I will be making (served with real butter and honey.) Come on by for a warm slice of bread and a cup of coffee any old time.
It's simply lovely over here!


Mrs. Mac said...

Loverly, boring, weirdos .. oh my. How did you get in with the Scarf Sisters (LOL) :) Sweet dreams .. or sweat dreams if you're having a hot flash!

Odie Langley said...

The simpler the better. I like your style.