Monday, September 12, 2011

Good evening~

How quickly my days off seem to pass, this one already drawing to a close. I did all of my chores today including two batches of cookies. The oatmeal scotchies are in a gift bag to take to work, a birthday treat for a friend. Milk chocolate & peanut butter chip for the men folk to enjoy with tall glasses of milk as they watch football this evening.
I did a little rearranging of furniture, can't say I improved on matters but a new view is nice for a change. I also brought out a few of my Autumn knick knacks. Fresh sheets wait on all of the beds. The coffee pot is ready for the morning and scrubs are pressed and waiting.
I am a happy football widow because this time of year I scramble into bed with a book or to watch old movies while daboyz and the Mr. watch sports. As you know, I don't mind a little alone time.
As I walk through my home, evening breezes in the windows and pumpkin spice candles on the tables, I'm happy and sad. Happy for this wonderful place and sad that I have to spend so much time away from it. Allow me a melancholy moment, a little envy for those women who did not rush out the doors with travel cups of coffee in the mornings. I'm sure they weren't perfect but there was a lot of good in those old days.
So off I go through the little rooms of this old old bungalow and enjoy the final hours of this day off. How quickly they go by!
And how lovely tomorrow morning will be, when I wake up to this wonderful place. Even if it is for just long enough to grab my travel cup and head out the door.


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Pat said...

Oh how I wish you had more time off. I would drop by for a cookie or two! But we give thanks for a good job and the health to do it. God's blessings are many!