Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A time for pumpkins and a time for hoodies~

About this time every year as summer rolls away and Fall rolls in, there are a few things that I need to do.


First I clean and straighten the house, for this is always step one.

Then I go into the basement and pull out my Autumn decorations. I don't have a lot. I have just a few items that I inherited when my Grandma Trent passed, a little ceramic ghost and pumpkin. A door wreath. I start changing my home scent items from summery crisp florals to Autumny (yes, I know the word is Autumnal.) Cinnamon, clove and apple scents. Mmmm. Pretty soon I go looking for just one or two new items to add to my Fall collection and these must be inexpensive. Don't ask me why, it's just a rule. Garden Ridge or Hobby Lobby or Big Lots. Target is out of the budget range.

Slowly slowly my flowers are cleaned away and my house plants come indoors. The lawn furniture piece by piece is covered and stored leaving just a few chairs around the fire pit that will last us until it's just too doggone cold and then we'll move inside for fireplace fires.

I usually stock my pantry with decaf hot drinks for the evenings after spice tea, chamomile, hot cider...

I nest nest nest until my house is the coziest place in town and happily await cold crisp days and bright sunshine and jeans and sweatshirts. I usually receive an LL Bean catalog around this time and here, I break my Autumn budge. I treat myself to $100 worth of LL Bean stuffs. Last year I got a red barn coat and duck shoes. This year? Well, I don't know. I haven't looked at the catalog yet. But the LL Bean portion of the tradition might explain the Big Lot requirement!

It's a slow process, usually taking a few weeks because I want to draw it out, I enjoy every moment. The initial cool days that trigger the instinct are always temporary and Indian Summer shines down on a house filled with pumpkins and Indian corn. That's ok. It's how I do what I do. When I do it.

Does Autumn bring any changes to your perspective?

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Mrs. Mac said...

Funny .. I just got my LL Bean catalog a few days ago (don't recall ever buying from it) .. but I opened it up and had 'sticker' shock.. chucking it into the recycle bin .. then I pondered a bit and pulled it out thinking, "it might be nice to buy something from it .. and not be so tight fisted"

Enjoy feathering your nest :)