Saturday, September 17, 2011


1. My partner at work, Natosha (pictured at left demonstrating proper use of a papoose restraint.) I seriously could not face the daily grind without her.

2. My anniversary present! Don't got it yet but when I do, you will be the first (or third or fourth) to know.

3. My dog.

4. My home my home my sweet sweet home!

5. Good hair days.

6. OK, this is a crazy one, but I have gained lots of weight but not all of it back. I don't like the extra weight but I still know there's a different me inside of here than the one who weighed 260 pounds. That's wonderful.

7. Autumn is my favorite.

8. Greenfield Village is right around the corner.

9. Daboyz. I like 'em.

10. The Mr.


Pat said...

1. Natosha you are loved!
2.Can't wait to see your anniversary gift
3.You list your dog, but not your parents?

Margie said...

11. Margie

Trish said...

Pat...I'd be offended! Lol!!!
I Love you all!