Thursday, September 01, 2011

Leaving the Mitten for minute~

Leaving in just a few minutes for Alabama. Actually leaving for a mani and from there, to Alabama. This is the weekend we are interring the Mr.'s dad so we'll drive there this evening and back Sunday.
My hospital which usually has 3 full time day shift managers has been pretty stressful the last few weeks. One of the managers resigned and my usual partner has had lots of days off for good things...moved into a new house, got engaged and started the doctoral program at U of M! That has left lil' old me running the place alone and getting ready for our survey by The Joint Commission (google that if you have absolutely nothing more interesting to read, like the back of a shampoo bottle.) Our inspection will be next week. And we are in hyper mode because they changed our designation so there's lots of different new things to think about.
ANYWAY, I've told you all of that.
I have a new boss named Cheryl. Cheryl is a serious boss nurse type person. Nobody works harder than she does and she works really hard. Today she looked at me and said, "What are you most concerned about with the Joint Commission?"
And I said, "I"m just so fried. Seriously, I can't even organize my thoughts enough to tell you what I'm worried about."
And she said, at noon, "Go home."
As in, she would run the place for me. As in she could see how exhausted I am and it mattered to her. As in, "You've done a great job and I noticed."
I didn't actually leave until 2, it's never that easy to leave early. But still. I haven't had a boss like that in a long time.
So I'm going to get a mani and then I intend to recline my seat and let the Mitten fade in the rear view mirror. In fact, my boss has given me a directive to stop all hospital thoughts until Tuesday. In fact, she said if the inspectors aren't there until Wednesday, I am to stay home on Tuesday and relax.
I'm nothing if not a good employee. ;)Image:


Trish said...

Praying for travelers mercies and strength for the family.
Love you all!

Margie said...

praying for you guys as you traveling, and thanking God for Cheryl and praying for her too!