Friday, September 16, 2011

Notes from a woman who is boring and tired but has a great husband who makes her smile and who gets better at making her happy every year~

Friday Friday Friday...
Off this morning, working this afternoon and then working the weekend. Good grief!
I feel like I don't have a whole lot to blog about because lately it would only consist of me whining about work overload. Frankly, even I don't find that interesting!
So what else can I tell you about?
I got a mani last night.
The Mr. surprised me with tickets to Haunted Weekends at Greenfield Village. Love that guy.
We are planning our anniversary trip. Our plans to go on a cruise are on hold for a bit, finances only go so far. That's ok. I think we'll head back to the Lake Michigan Coast for a few days. No complaints!
Donny is going to the groomer today because he smells like a farm dog.
It's cold in the Mitten! I kinda like it. Used the fireplace last night, I think we'll build an outside fire this evening and snuggle up for a bit.
On Monday I am changing my bathroom to Autumn accessories, and yes, I find that very exciting. I am also making cookies for a friend at work whose son's birthday is Tuesday.
I am making my LL Bean's order today! Stand by for updates.
And that pretty much catches you up on Sara's Life. Happy Friday :)

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Margie said...

Please make sure when you go on a cruise that you leave me with the cruise line direct phone to your room! LOL!