Saturday, February 11, 2012

1. Finally, a cold winter Michigan morning: snow & 12F.
2. Naturally, it happens on a day I have to haul myself to work, argh!
3. Mac seems to be 99%. Back to work this afternoon.
4. I have procrastinated cleaning out my old office and now the new manager is starting on Monday...guess what I have to do this weekend?
5. Most headaches are the result of dehydration. That's my theory.
6. Got our family room carpets cleaned.
7. Still hunting for a sectional. Going to save a bit more money and make a purchase in March.
8. Mongolian BBQ for dinner yesterday. It is sooooo delicious and still, I don't like it. Too noisy, don't like standing there waiting for my food to cook.
9. I ordered some pajamas from Kohl's over a week ago, still not shipped!
10. I am walking in the American Heart Walk, please consider supporting me! I'll post the link next week.

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