Friday, February 17, 2012

The week

Shew, The Plague has claimed victim number two, me. Hopefully I'm the last on the hitlist. I wasn't nearly as sick as Mac and today I'm feeling on the mend. My goal is to eat a pancake, first solid food since Tuesday. I have to work the weekend so The Plague is on a deadline.

Having spend the week begging my innards to stay inside, there's not much to tell you. I will spare you the details of my adventures. I am rereading the Harmony series by Philip Gulley. I got my hairs did before things went south. And north.

Finally, above is my Valentine's gift from the Mr. A heart pendant!

Now it's time to face the pancake.


Mrs. Mac said...

I pray the pancake stayed down :) and that you are well. xxx

Debra said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear you've not been well. Gah. Feel better soon, ok? And I loved your Valentine gift from you hubby! Blessings, Debra