Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day to ya! I'm on my day off and the Mr. took a vacation day so we are going to spend the day in our jammies and enjoying one another's company. Watching movies, maybe making popcorn? I'm feeling so blessed and peaceful this morning, so grateful that my life is what it is. We are nearing the one year anniversary of the passing of Dean's dad. He's been feeling a little melancholy, thinking about and missing Ben. We know he's with the Lord and so, we don't mourn hopelessly. Because of this great hope and sureness of God's promises, our gentle sadness is eased with things like spending quiet time together, relaxing and letting the Holy Spirit soothe our hearts.
Has anyone noticed that we are heading toward Spring? I don't just mean the mild temperatures here in the Mitten. This is the time of year when the quality of sunlight starts to change and the birds are chirping in the mornings and if you look carefully, you can find buds on the trees! Has me daydreaming of my back porch and evenings around the fire pit.
For the moment, it's time for another cup of coffee and Idiot Abroad on the DVR. Have a good day!


Jada's Gigi said...

sounds like a lovely hubby and I sometimes talk of spending just such a day...then we back out...haha! Too antsy for jammies and movies all day. but we too are seeing signs of spring. can't wait! enjoy your day!

Deb said...

I thought about you and the Mr. off and on all day yesterday....after seeing on FB that you were having a jammie/movie kind of day. I hope it was blessed and relaxing and full of love!

And will be Spring before you know it!