Saturday, February 04, 2012


1. Some growing pains at work. Things are getting better and I'm so thankful for my new boss. I'm learning a lot and becoming re motivated after almost 3 years of really struggling.
2. I am making my appointment today for new glasses! I'm suspicious that this is contributing to my headaches lately. I'm spending a lot more time in front of a computer and I bet I need readers.
3. I'm watching the news and they are having their weekly pet adoption segment, which is fine. Donny is a rescue pet and I'm all for it. But they have a very sweet adult cat needing a home and the cat is FIV (feline HIV) positive. It's not something dogs or humans can contract. They are looking for a home that can afford extensive veterinary care and is willing to provide a lot of special care to the cat as she gets sicker. Ok, listen, put the poor baby down. She's a cat. I'm sorry she has this disease, which I had never heard of. But put her down. Direct the money being spend to adopt her out and that will potentially be spent to care for her toward healthy animals. Am I nuts?
4. Number three is more of a rant than a statement.
5. I took Estroven last night thinking my sleeplessness has something to do with perimenopause. I slept great. One night is too soon to know if it really helped but I'll keep you updated. Stand by.
6. Super Bowl plans? A quiet evening at home. The Mr. is going to be mid 7 day stretch because of his new schedule and I have work Monday morning so we are planning not to plan anything. And looking forward to it.
7. Currently reading an Emily Dickinson biography. So interesting.
8. Still on the hunt for new family room furniture.
9. Still no snow and very mild temperatures in the Mitten.
10. I'm going to have Lucky Charms for breakfast.

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