Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some wisdoms from my brains

1. There are so many things I don't do well and do my best to avoid. Lately, I'm learning the lesson that I must stop avoiding and let God teach me to do them better so that fear takes another step back from my life.
2. No matter how tired you are, straighten up your house. It'll make tomorrow morning so much nicer.
3. Expensive department store moisturizer is no better than drug store brand.
4. HOWEVER, expensive mascara is worth every penny.
5. Your hair is what it is, choose a hair style that doesn't require 2 hours and that actually stays in place and learn to live with it.
6. A gracious spirit is one of the sweetest fingerprints we can leave on the lives of others.
7. Thinking outside of the box is sometimes just a way to do things much less efficiently than we used to. Before you think outside of the box, look around. After all, you may be leaving a Tiffany's box and crawling into a McDonald's sack.
8. Do not underestimate pajamas.
9. Soup is God's perfect food.
10. Buy a beautiful cross necklace and wear it often.


Pat said...

3. I would normally agree with you about the moisturizer but I bought a jar of Channel when my skin was bad and it is the BEST!

5. or buy a wig.

1O. I just put on a cross necklace yesterday...I agree.

Mrs. Mac said...

So much wisdom from someone so young, beautiful, tidy, and living in C.S. Lewis' living room. xxx

Margie said...

i loved this!

The moisturizer thing.... goes for the face soap too! i used to buy all this stuff for phyllis and mary kay for me and then... I went back to basics... Purpose soap and moisturizer... people say I look like I'm in my late 20's early 30's (I think they are nuts! but I look young!)