Saturday, July 07, 2012

I yi yi yi!

1. I wear my tank tops backwards, too low cut worn the "right" way.
2. I love crushed ice and half of any citrus fruit with ice water (lemon, lime, orange.)
3. I save left over coffee and use it to water my plants afer it cools.
4. I watch Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory reruns.
5. I find few things more pleasurable than taking a long drive through the country.
6. I think a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee while enjoying #5 is utter bliss.
7. I know longer feel the need to be "skinny" but I absolutely have to lose some weight.
8. I think hoodies are the perfect article of clothing.
9. I love rivers, creeks and streams.
10. I feel God in the air around me.


Pat said...

Tank tops are creative!

Trish said...

I yi yi what you'd say if you saw me in a tank top! I only wear them under sheer tops, so that you can't see my bat wings flapping!