Thursday, July 19, 2012

This land was made for you and me!

Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Lake Superior shoreline
Summertime=Vacation time!
We've never indulged in expensive vacations.   Mostly because we ain't never had the money to do so ;) As the years have rolled by, I find that it's not only the money that defines our vacation plans.  I have very little desire for the exotic and foreign destinations that seem to be the preference of most people.  I think I could probably vacation within the borders of Michigan for the rest of my life and never yearn for anything more.  Let's say, for the sake of argument, I actually left my home state?  The United States of America, that's next on my list.  Seriously, the absolute dream vacation?  An RV and enough time (and $$) to tour the entire country.  From California to the New York Island, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf stream waters.  Maine to the Keys.  Everywhere in between.  Appalachia, Ozarks, the Rockies.  The Mississippi River on an old fashioned river boat.  Mt. Rushmore, Washington DC...the possibilities are endless!
Have I mentioned Hawaii and Alaska?  That's almost foreign!
I'm not big on air travel either.  I love a car ride.  I love stopping for breakfast and back on the road as the sun rises and then looking for a town with a hotel and a good restaurant for the night. 
As the world has become more complicated and less friendly, I've turned even more toward the U.S.A.  I look for Michigan-made products and I think it's important to keep our economy going.  The way I see it, vacations on domestic soil are investments in our own prosperity.
Am I fundamentally opposed to cruises or foreign vacations?  Absolutely not.  I'm not even saying you'll never see me broadening my own horizons.  My mom and sister took a dream trip to Italy last year.  I loved that!  I mean, I loved them going. I loved that they had a dream and they fulfilled it, together.  I am amazed and fascinated at the pictures and at the history they saw first hand.  I mean, to stand where the Apostle Paul stood!  Zowie! 
Jay and I talk about going to England someday.  It just might happen.  Ireland looks gorgeous and lush and green (three of my favorite things in a country.)  France?  Well, I got no interest in France.  God bless their hearts. 
There is, for sure, a great big beautiful world...God's amazing creation...out there for our pleasure.  I'm often advised that I'm missing out on some amazing experiences and that's probably true.
But I'm a simple girl.  I'm so simple that when I stand on the shore of Lake Michigan I cry; every single time.  I take pride in Michigan cherries and apples as though I personally tend the orchards that grow them.  When I'm having a bad day (or week or month or year,)  I always always want to get on I-94 and drive west across the state to just soak in the wonderfulnesss.  Give me an Egg McMuffin and a McDonald's coffee, point me toward Up North and I'll never give a second thought to an umbrella drink served on a perfect ocean beachfront. 
Naturally, now, we must know...
What's your vacation philosophy?
Maybe I'm just such a homebody that even on vacation, I long for home.


Jada's Gigi said...

Yes, you are a homebody that even on vacation longs for home...:) I love to see new things and like you feel that it would take a lifetime to see even a fraction of what this country has to offer...I am not a moseying type person...I want to get from A to B Asap so that I may soak up what ever the atmosphere is at my destination....we have traveled a bit combining work and pleasure but on our own dime usually keep it close to home of course...My dream trip would be to spend a month in Italy and I have a knack of making these things happen so I may very well do it one of these day....til then I will be taking 3 and 4 day trips to NC and FL and to visit relatives in Bama...because this is what we do and how we spend the small amount of free time and money the Lord allows us...still...I work on big projects over time so who knows...:)

Debra said...

Oh! Sounds like Michigan is the place to vacation. :)

I'm mostly like you in this area, too (big surprise). Lots of my friends have been to Hawaii, but I can't even understand the attraction. heh. I don't like to fly and only do so when we can't avoid it.

We've taken lots of car trips, but Tom's driving lately tends to make me, well, bonkers. But what we both love is traveling by train, well, as long as we have our own little room. Trying to sleep in coach is a nightmare for me. But otherwise, put me on a train and I'm one happy traveler.

There *is* one faraway place, though, which I'd love to see, but must never go there--Italy. Why not go? Because I'd never come back. I would love it too much. Whenever I see Italy on tv or in movies, I always start crying--probably the weirdest thing about me (and there's much to choose from, so that's saying something!).

Speaking of seeing things on tv, well, that's perhaps my most favorite way of all to travel--by watching travel videos.

And you thought you were odd.... :)Blessings, Debra

Mrs. Mac said...

You forgot the North Woods of Idaho on your dream USA trip. There's a little lodge tucked away that I hear is fantastic (and cheap .. for sistas and their mistas) .. something about a mangy moose ?? You have it right .. their is SO much to see in this big land of ours. xx C

Margie said...

I love Mission Trips. I'd rather go serve than relax. It's weird. I know