Thursday, July 05, 2012

When America was...

After "hiding" the video of a child using profanity from a friend's FB; the following occurs to me...

I think America was a better place when a child's bad behavior embarassed their parents instead of becoming a Facebook post.
When women took pride in keeping house instead of laughing about their inability to cook.
When men took pride in being strong for their women instead of looking for a way out.
When daycare didn't exist because it wasn't needed.
When people lived with outdated furniture because it was still in good condition.
When companies took care of their employees with health insurance.
When a hard day's work to earn health insurance was a reasonable expectation.
When "Go cut me a switch" meant you were going to pay the consequence for your actions,
When "Spanking a child teaches violence" still sounded stupid,
And when hitting and spanking were understood to be two different things.
When we believed that strength of character was necessary in our leaders.
When we didn't dismiss our shortcomings by calling them disorders.
When Bibles were the centerpieces of coffee tables.
When birthday parties happened in backyards.
When there were bedtimes and Sunday dinners and looking your age was a thing of beauty.
I miss what we were. I take responsibility for what I am. 
I think America was a better place when we all did.


a8383 said...

Amen! Angela

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

So very much truth here. Great post! Lisa :O)

Mrs. Mac said...

When common sense was common :)