Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To Love, Honor and Vacuum...

I find myself, of late, spending a lot less time on the computer.  I think it's good to give my mind some rest and opening up the laptop is certainly not relaxing.  Plus, every time I log on, I am compelled to check on work stuff and that is certainly not relaxing!
That said, there are almost limitless resources online that are good for us!  Ideas, inspiration, recipes...It goes on forever it seems.  A person would need a good deal of time combing through the junk to find stuff that is worthwhile so I'm here to help you out!  One of my favorite ways to find the happy corners of the Internet is to link through the blogs of people I know and trust.  In so doing, I ended up here yesterday~

I just discovered this blog yesterday and spent about 20 minutes reading but I enjoyed the author's Christian woman perspective.  Between you and me, Christian women's blogs don't usually catch my interest.  I'm adding To Love, Honor and Vacuum to my favorites.  If you're looking for something to read today, give this blog a try!

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