Saturday, March 23, 2013


1.  The sun is shining, sort of.
2.  Got my new Kindle and turns out, it's pretty cool.
3.  Got my new sofa and I LOVE IT! 
4.  The Mr. and I are going to visit the Henry Ford Museum today.
5.  Mac had his first clinical experience taking care of patients and did great (naturally!)
6.  Got cramps.  Sorry, had to share the joy.
7.  Have a facial next Saturday, my new favorite indulgence.  Having middle-aged skin makes it less luxurious and more "don't scare the little children."
8.  Spent most of Friday at work "starring" in a training video for police/security dealing with people or patients who are armed.  Fun! 
9.  I neeeeed to plant flowers and herbs and my salad garden. 
10.  Here are the new shoes I bought for work and yes, I wore them in the very serious training video...

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Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy your day .. enjoy your date day at the museum.