Saturday, March 02, 2013

 1. Wen makes my hair amazing.  Magical.  Glorious. 
2. Joe's Crab Shack...very delicious.
3. Treated myself to a mini spa day with a few girlfriends.  Massage, facial and mani.  Ahhhhh.
4. Having my eye lashes darkened next week with vegetable dye.  Before you comment, no, I am not worried about blindness or pigmentation staining the whites of my eyes.  It's darker fabulous eyelashes, I have my priorities.
5. A little more sunlight, birds singing in the mornings...winter is rolling away.
6.  New favorite show, Monday Mornings.
7.  One of the girlfriends mentioned in number 3 is also joining me for number 4.  She is trying to talk me into a Brazilian.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  I'm sticking with what works...the Hungarian ;)
8. Desperately seeking a new comforter for my bed that is exactly what I want despite the fact that I'm not sure what that might be.
9. This is how you know you're getting old, date night has to be divided between Friday and Saturday because dinner and a movie on the same evening is too exhausting.
10. Easter is in March this year, people get ready!

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