Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Lingy Room

This is a photograph of our living room a few years ago.  As you can see, it was pretty traditional.  In fact, I called it my C.S.Lewis Room.  It just felt like a mellow warm room where a person would go and, well, read C.S. Lewis books! 
The Mr. chose the paint color shortly after we moved in, it's sort of a muted yellowy gold.  He's a color guy, so the white and cream colors of my Gramma's style were just not his thing.  In fact, sometimes when I walk through our house now with the greens and yellows everywhere I wonder if she's up in Heaven shaking her head in dismay!
The C.S. Lewis Room, despite its charm, was not really my style.  Not entirely.  The wall color was ours but the furnishings were really a hodge podge of items pulled together from here and there.  We gave the blue camel back sofa away and tried a desk on that wall for a while.  Too stark. 
Then there was the daybed experiment where I placed a daybed where the sofa had been.  Functional as a "guest bed" and great for lounging and reading but impossible to decorate around.  It just dwarfed the rest of the furniture and never looked quite right.  So that took about a week to start making me nuts.
Finally, I think (she said with fingers crossed,) we have it figured out.

The little chair is gray with bright colorful birds, a Christmas gift from the Mr.  The sofa was a delivered on Friday and my super cute nesting tables arrived today. The area rug from Garden Ridge.  You know you have gotten a room just about right when you just want to sit in there and stare.  It's a very small room so it always seemed over furnished and stuffy.  This time I decided to keep the furniture at a modest scale and not to keep adding items.  The nesting tables are perfect because they provide the balance of a coffee table but can be separated when we have company to use as a spot for a cup of coffee. 
Notice the picture of daboyz behind the couch?  A photograph my dad took in the Smokies in 1993 and my mom had blown up and printed on canvas.  This picture causes the Mr. to do quite a bit of staring and sighing himself.  And speaking of the Mr. and his choice of wall color?  He now hates it.  Hates it!  I'm all for repainting but I know the guy well enough to realize I needed to work with what I have since the average length of time to go from deciding to paint and painting is about 5 years ;)  With the new furniture, I don't mind it a bit.  In fact, it's worthy of the sitting and staring I mentioned. 
Yup, this chick is very happy with her low budget living room update!  I'm gonna take a shower and pull out that fancy new Kindle of mine and enjoy the no-longer-the-C.S. Lewis Room. 
Now what are we gonna call it?  For now I think I'll go with what daboyz used to say, The Lingy Room.

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Ginger said...

Hey, Sara, it kind of reminds me of OUR new living room! Similar color, similar furniture! I wrote about it here: http://threeminutestonine.blogspot.com/2013/03/home-make-over-living-room.html