Monday, March 04, 2013

Who told you?

Genesis 3:11
And he said, "Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?"

Our pastor used to have a saying, "You have to put the cookies down on the bottom shelves where the children can reach them."  In other words, you have to teach people at a level which they can understand.  I'm a very churched girl.  Been in Sunday School for my entire life.  Raised in a Christian home with a Christian family who used scripture to frame life, who would discuss the Old Testament the way other people yacked about baseball scores.  Yet, sometimes God still has to put the cookies on the bottom shelf for me. 

A few days ago, I was brushing my hair when the Holy Spirit pointed out some spiritual Oreos ;)  I was thinking about my crummy hair.  Too thin, too fine, too much this, not enough that.  Then a still, small voice spoke within my heart...

"Who told you you had crummy hair?"

Weird but somehow, poignant at that moment.  I stopped to think, when did I realize I hated my hair?  I thought back to being an elementary school kid with long hair parted down the middle.  Pushed behind my ears to keep it out of my face.  I don't recall hating it then.  So, who did tell me I had crummy hair?  Seems silly I know, but it started me thinking about all of the ideas I have about myself and just who exactly told me they were true.  I'll spare you the list of physical stuff I dislike and jump to the point. 

Who told me I didn't have the will power to control my appetite?  Who told me that food could comfort me better than the presence of the Holy Spirit?  Who told me I couldn't be physically active? 

Who told me ________________?

Every message that leaves me powerless, frustrated or joyless comes from one source and that is satan.  The same voice that spoke into the ear of Eve in the Garden of Eden. 

On Sunday night, Dean's 35 year old cousin Jaimie went into her bathroom and didn't come out.  Her ten year old daughter got help and Jaimie was found overdosed and without a heartbeat.  She was declared brain dead at the hospital.  Who told her she was a heroin addict?  Who told her she couldn't be free?  Who told her that the life of a wife, mom and grandmother wasn't available to her?  And who told us, her family, that this final indignity was inevitable for Jaimie? 

Oh, be careful little ears what you hear, oh be careful little ears what you hear.  For the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little ears...little spirit, little heart, little mind...what you hear.


Trish said...

You have lovely hairs Sara!

Margie said...

#1 I have NEVER seen your hair not cute! It's always cute! whoever told you otherwise... please send them my way :)

What an amazing post, i cannot even tell you how much this post spoke to my heart!