Sunday, March 17, 2013

Still working on the living room~

Oh Law, this living room of mine just will not come together!!  As you may recall, I purchased a daybed from my cousin to use as the solution to our lack of a guest bed (for the one time per year we need one.)  Love the look of it, love the convenience of it, love the comfort of it. But!  It is a pretty massive piece of furniture and it's nearly impossible to furnish the rest of the small room with pieces that are properly proportioned.  The Mr. got me this chair for Christmas...
I love this chair, I adore it.  I smile at it whenever I walk past.  However, despite it's funky fabulous personality, it is dwarfed by the daybed.  It (the chair) has squat legs and a wide seat and back, which is perfect for the people who live with it because, so do we.  But it looks like doll furniture in the room.  I considered buying some Home Depot pre-made furniture legs to make it taller but that is a lot of work and would compromise the personality of the bird chair.  So, I've faced the fact that if I am keeping the daybed in the living room as the sofa, I am going to have to live with the less than ideal aesthetic.  Which I thought I could.  But I can't.  I can't.  I just can't. 

However, we only use the living room on occasion.  When we're having family dinners and need more space or when I'm in the mood to sneak to a quiet corner away from the Mr. and daboyz.  So I don't need, nor can I afford, an expensive sofa.  I've been on a search for a budget friendly sofa and thinking that I'd like a gray colored fabric.  I ordered the sofa below from Value City for the reasonable price of $299.99.
Sorry this is so blurry, pulled off line.
Being a small space to begin with and then with the addition of the Mr.'s mom's piano, I have been on the hunting for tables with white legs and wood stain top.  So imagine my excitement when I found these beauties on Amazon!  Nesting tables!  Can use them as coffee table, move them around when we need them and tuck them away when we don't! Less than $90!

I think, I hope, I pray that I will have finally solved my low-budget living room update dreams!  No plans for repainting at the moment but I'm not concerned, I think the pale gray will look nice with the mellow gold walls.  I am going to pull the blue and red accents out and (eventually) replace them with creams and whites.  When all the pieces are in place, I will take a picture and close the saga of the living room/C.S.Lewis room.

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Mrs. Mac said...

Waiting patiently for pictures of the finished room .. no pressure ;)