Friday, March 15, 2013

Good Riddance Foul Week! Also, my hair is fabulous.

1. I said to the Mr., "I need to have a weekend this weekend and I'm going to have one."  He asked what that meant.  I don't know but doggone, it will happen.  Or not.
2. I saw an elderly mixed race couple at dinner, just touched me heart.  They weren't raised in a generation when it was ok to love someone of a different ethnicity.  Good for them.
3. I learned a new trick, use baking soda weekly to exfoliate.  Lovely results!
4. I love Wen so much I ordered some from QVC.  I have never loved my hair before. Am I dreaming? 
5. My job is eating me alive.  I know God is in here somewhere doing something but at the moment, I'm entirely baffled as to what that might be. 
6. Mac had his first clinical day, loved it.  I loved hearing the love of it in his voice.
7. I get to wear underwire bras now.  How many bras do normal people have?  I have no bra baseline.
8. Quote of the week that nearly made me crawl over a table and poke someone's eyes out, "I don't know what you expect from me.  I simply forgot to remember."
9. The Mr. surprised us by booking a night in a Traverse City resort during our Up North vacation this year.  Donny is hoping my folks allow him for a visit or he'll be spending that particular night in the trunk.
10. Donny, by the way, stepped on my Kindle which was in my bed and smooshed the screen.  It was actually Jay's old one that he handed down to me but still, all of my books lived in there.  I ordered a new one today.  It's all fancy and high falootin'.  I miss my humble old Kindle. 

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Pat said...

We may be asking Donny if we can live with him if our bathroom remodel is going on. Otherwise, he is welcome to spend some time with us. He and dad are thisclose.