Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Boxer Rebellion

A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones. Proverbs 17:22

I just had one of those exquisitely silly moments that made me laugh so hard tears ran down my face and snot (yes snot) ran from my nose. A belly- laughing-snorting-doubled -over-merry heart moment. I’m blessed to say we have lots of those around here.
This particular one started when Jay shared the story of the day that Mac wore only his boxer shorts and a t-shirt to school. There was a beat of stunned silence before Mac started protesting.
“What are you talking about? I’m sure I never wore only boxers to school!”
“Yes you did, it was pajama day. I remember.”
“No, I’m sure I never wore only boxers...”
“You were in the fourth grade.”
“Jordan,”, by now we’re getting giggly, including Mac;”I would not have worn only boxers.”
“You had on a red robe too.”
Laughter. Mac unable to reply.
Jay, “Mac, I’m telling you, you thought your boxers were just like shorts so you wore them. Outside. To school. In the fourth grade. I remember.”
“Which boxers?” As if this matters.
“I don’t know, but your bathrobe was red.”
“Well, I did have a red bathrobe in the fourth grade, but I didn’t start wearing boxers until the seventh grade. Until then it was whitie tighties.”
“No, I remember. These were boxers.”
More laughter, snorting, wiping our eyes.
I tried to interject a moment of reason to reassure Mac. “Mac is right. He wouldn’t have worn boxers to school in the fourth grade. He wore panties.”
Mac, “Underwear! Boys wear underwear!”
Me, “Right, he wore underwear until the seventh grade, when he had to start changing for gym.”
Jay, “Nope, I remember. You wore your boxer shorts on the outside to school for pajama day. And your legs showed under your robe. Your robe was red.”
Mac, “My first boxers had Curious George on them and I still have them and I got them in seventh grade and I never wore my boxers on the outside to school!”
Jay, “Yes you did.”
Then the discussion took on Supreme Court dimensions.... “Who drove us to school in the fourth grade?” “Mom. “
“Mom would NEVER let me go to school in just boxers. If you had said Dad drove, it could’ve happened. But mom wouldn’t have let it happen.”
Just then the Mr. decides his name has been taken in vain and launches a stunning rebuttal; “Hey!”
The debate was never actually settled with finality although I have to say I’m quite sure I never let my son go to school wearing only his boxers. If I had, I am even more sure the school would’ve called for some emergency pants.
I have no idea what possessed Jay to launch this attack but I’m glad he did. I’m always glad for laughter especially the kind that comes in such waves that I can’t catch my breath.
When things had settled down a bit, I headed upstairs to check my e mail with a smile still on my face and a lifted heart. Just then I heard Mac,
“Do you remember the day I only wore my cup to school? That was sport day.”
I’ve had enough for one night.
And I know for sure I never let my son go to school wearing only his cup. I think.


AP said...

so ...you are a christian?

Sherry said...

Ah, that was GREAT.

Tracey, in MI said...

Have 3 sons- I soooo "get it!"

;) ts

metro is our church home- too!

Arlene said...

You guys are hilarious! Look what God has done! He's hilarious! He wants us to laugh. I've never been around boys til now, but I'm sure I'm about to learn more than I care to know....