Saturday, January 14, 2006

What A Country

On my coffee table right now sits five Bibles. Another one, I noticed, was on the passenger seat of my truck when I went to the grocery store.
At the grocery store I purchased everything I needed, the challenge was choosing not to purchase what I didn’t need! I accommodated Jay’s gluten-free diet, the Mr. and my own Weight Watcher diets and Mac’s tator tot and corned beef hash driven lifestyle.
I came home and put my goodies away in my dry warm little house with the rain splashing outside my windows. My dog awoke from her third nap of the day and trotted by dressed in a red sweater to see if there was anything worth sniffing.
I made my grocery run after an hour of Bible study time and about a half hour of computer time. Daboyz are at school and the Mr. is at work. I was supposed to work but I’m battling what appears to be strep (poor baby poor baby) so I took a sick day. The grocery run will be my only outing but I’ve a few new movies from Christmas I want to watch and two books I’m reading. I’ll be entertained between naps on the couch.
Leftover chilli from last night is warming for lunch as daboyz have a half day and will be home soon.
My mom just e mailed to tell me that the battery of tests she had done for her annual physical were all normal. One more to go and we expect that to be normal as well.
So what’s my point? What a country this is, this United States of America. This nation where I can own as many Bibles as I want and leave them lying wherever they are most convenient when the urge to study strikes me.
What a country where I can make a grocery run and in 30 minutes stock my kitchen with specific items to suit four different people. Where my child with dietary restrictions can still have a full belly and good health. Where my only problem arose when there was only one six pack of Lipton Diet Green Tea, and I wanted two.
What a country where a mid-winter down- pour plays at gentle drops against my windows but inside I am warm and dry. Where I turn up my thermostat when I’m chilly, dial down when I’m warm. Where we pile extra blankets all around our living room for snuggling so we don’t have to walk all the way to our bedrooms if we’re cold.
What a country where at my leisure I flip through the Holy Word of God. Where I have a computer and not only I but my friends and family so we can check in with one another throughout the day. And if I don’t feel like searching any of those five Bibles on my coffee table, I can do an internet search to find what I need in seconds.
What a country where my children attend a school that their dad and I chose specifically, and to which they drive in their own car daily. Where they are safe in a new building with brand new text books and computers and educated educators to inspire and encourage them toward excellence. Where staff is helping them apply to college and pursue their dreams. Where they CHOOSE which college they will attend and assume they will indeed go to college. Where today they take midterms in trigonometry and physics and military history and college level English just 4 generations removed from immigrants and laborers.
What a country where my husband gets up every day to paint cars and our only burden is he is working SO MANY HOURS. Where I have a job and career of my choosing that pays me to stay home when I’m unwell.
What a country when I have so much that there are Christmas presents yet unused almost a month after Christmas and a voracious reader has two books to bounce between. Where a dog is better and more warmly outfitted for cool rainy days than some children across an ocean, or across a county.
What a country where we had such a large dinner last night that half remains for munching today and if we aren’t in the mood, we’ll simply choose something different for lunch. Where we’ve never been hungry for lack of food, although we’ve complained about lack of favorite entrees.
What a country where my mom can have a physical from the doctor she trusts and have tests to assure her good health.
What a country where I sit quietly to think these things with only a snoring dog at my feet and winter rain at my windows. No gunfire, no screaming, no air raid sirens to interrupt my reflections.
What a country where Jesus is so easy to find and my multiple Bibles sit unopened for days.
What a country, this United States.
Dear Heavenly Father, Remind me daily of this nation you have so richly blessed and anointed with purpose to use those blessings in a dark and hurting world. Pour your wisdom and courage out on our President and our leaders as well as this people with the privilege to choose who those leaders will be. Surround our military as they today stand against enemies that would take their lives, grant them safety and peace as well as victory by your grace and mercy. Make us good stewards of this plenty that you have graciously bestowed. Forgive our wanderings and our foolishness, change our selfishness to gratitude and gratitude to giving. Raise up our children to serve you better than we have served. Thank you for this nation, the United Stated of America. Today, we submit ourselves under Your hand. God bless America.
Written Friday, January 13, 2006

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SunnySusan said...

Wonderful blog entry,Sara

It is a wonderful country thanks be to God.