Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Crazy Lazy Maintenance Day

Good morning!
If you're wondering why I'm posting so late past my usual time, you spend way to much time reading my blog. Ha! Just kidding. I'm posting roughly 5 hours late today because this is the day that the Lord has made.
Sometimes the Lord makes cookie-cutter days when it's all pretty much like the day or week before. Get up, go to work, wonder why you chose this field, come home, wonder why you bought this house, have dinner, wonder why you ate so much or why you feel so fat when you eat so little. You get the picture. On work days I'm up at 4:30 and non-work days I'm up at 6:15 to spend time with daboyz before they head to school. Those are all days made by the Lord and they are good.
Today He made a weird day though. The Mr. woke up for work and per our usual routine, he attempted to tell me good morning. I told him that I had nothing to say to him at 4:30 on a day I didn't have to go to work. As you can see, I am forever spiritual; even when very sleepy. He said, "Huh!" and went about his business. He likes me so he'll still come home tonight and pretend I'm nice.
Telling myself I'd never get back to sleep now, I went back to sleep. I awoke at 6:15 and did something I have never done before. Don't tell anyone, it'll be our secret. I listened to be sure daboyz were up for school and when Jay yelled up to me from the bottom of the stairs (expecting me to come down and chat) I said, "Have a good day. Drive carefully, I love you." Telling myself I'd never get back to sleep now, I went back to sleep.
The dog was ever so concerned with the morning's turn of events and around 7:30 she whined and pushed her cold dog nose into my eye sockets. I told her to go lay down and graciously invited her to use the Mr.'s abandoned half of the bed. She decided to join in the madness and fell into a deep sleep immediately. I bet you have seen the pattern by now. I went back to sleep.
I awoke at 8:45 and stumbled downstairs into the bathroom. Usually it's straight into the shower for an efficient launch of a busy day. I looked in the mirror and decided I looked acceptably cute for the moment in pajamas and bed head and proceeded to the kitchen. Things continued to rock the ever structured and scheduled Sara Ship as I decided to eat a "big breakfast". Breakfast for me, if I'm absolutely starving is a fat free toast with something resembling butter but without the calories or deliciousness. As yesterday's post mentioned, I'm on a body maintenance program over here. Usually that's fine. But today, I went nuts.
I made egg beaters, two links (two!) of fat free sausage and a big pot of coffee. I never turned on the television. I watched the sun streaming through my beautifully ugly lemon curtains in my kitchen and watched my big breakfast simmer. I ate in silence and sunshine in my pajamas. Then I made toast with fruit spread for dessert.
Here we are, approaching 9:30 with "nothing" done. On a normal day off, the laundry would be nearly finished, I'd be showered and dressed and headed to the grocery store but here I sit. With no particular drive to hurry.
The Lord made me a different day that makes no sense. I have an unsually busy week ahead of me. I'm teaching two life groups this week. I'm working the rest of the week. My house needs the usual attention and doggone if those people who live here with me don't expect food in the kitchen.
I didn't always to know how to move slow. I still don't do it well. But today God made me what I already see as a system maintenance day. I have plans and for a change, I'm quite sure I'll get it all done. I'm going to finish this post, take a shower and put on some sweats. I'm going to have some more of my delicious coffee and I'm going to sit in my sunshiney dining room and soak in Jesus as I prepare for my small groups. I'm going to let my body and mind rest and recover from a few hard days at work which have left me with aching muscles. I'm not going to watch television to see if there's something I need to see that I didn't realize I needed to see until I found it channel surfing. I'm having a different kind of day.
So I'm posting late. I'm letting the Holy Spirit whisper wisdom to me and not leaning on my own understanding. If He loves me, He'll set me up to prepare for a busy week in the best way. My way would've had me at wit's end by lunchtime. I'm going to give this crazy slow-moving day of spiritual and physical maintenance a try. So far I like it. My belly is full. My body is rested. I'm excited to get into the Word and into my conversation with Jesus to see what He's up to today. I'm quiet on the inside and I'm going to keep my house quiet too. I'll let you know how it goes.
This is the day that the Lord has made for me. I will enjoy it and be glad He made me a crazy lazy maintenance day. Psalm 118:24 New Sara Version (NSV)

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SunnySusan said...

What a great post today and I am glad The Lord gave you such a wonderful day