Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's Only Right To...

1. Iron your work clothes a week ahead of time.
2. Get your coffee pot ready the night before.
3. Coordinate your lipstick to your outfit.
4. Fold all your towels in the same direction.
5. Turn on your electric blanket a half hour before bed.
6. Read in bed at night for half an hour at least.
7. Remove your make up in the evening.
8. Have multiple pairs of shoes.
9. Run your car long enough to melt the ice & snow instead of scraping it.
10.Remove your bra as soon as possible.


MSUgal86 said...

what kind of obssive/compulsive have you turned into. it must be that psych ward...or genes.

ha. i do the same kind of things, and as you know, i constantly ask myself Jack's question...Do you ever wonder if this is

Pat said...

you just described my life. sad.

Mrs. Mac said...

Creatures of our own habits.

tina fabulous said...

number 4.
finally someone who understands the importance of this seemingly insignificant act.

Deb said...

not me. none of them. not a one.

I iron once a year - maybe.

I don't drink coffee.

I wear ONE shade of lipstick --if it doesn't match my outfit --get over it.

My towels are folded every which way. (especially since it's Olivia's job to fold the towels - and any good parenting expert will tell you that you shouldn't 'fix' things when your kids are learning to do chores. ...ah..Olivia's in charge of cleaning the WHOLE house! Yeah! That's the ticket!

My electric blanket is turned on by Brillo Man - 1/2 hour before bed - and then I promptly turn my side off when we crawl in bed. (do I hear "hotflash" anyone?!)

I don't read in bed --no headboard to lean on because the bed is in the center of the room --sounds strange --but it works --trust me.

I only wear makeup on Sundays. (I hear your collective gasp of horror and disbelief!)

I have New Balance walking shoes and one other pair of clog type suede mock things from LLBean. I own others --but truthfully, they're under my bed - probably with cobwebs in them.

I have a garage --don't need to scrape the windows

Oh wait, I lied. I DO remove my bra ASAP. Well..there goes my attempt to get through life without lying!