Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who Is He?

Exodus 3:14
And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM...

How well do you know God?
I mean, do you really know him?
Think about the people you are close to, your loved ones. Maybe it’s romantic love, maternal/paternal, familial, friendship, whatever. People you love. Now describe them. What do they like, dislike? What is their history? Their dreams? Can you describe their character?
It’s hard to have a relationship with someone if you don’t really get inside their heads and learn what makes them tick. We all have that concentric circle of relationships, those we are intimately connect to, the ones we trust and love, the ones we enjoy being around, the acquaintances.
Would you say you have an intimate relationship with God? Are you personally close and familiar with God?
To bring it down to a place to which I can relate, I think about my relationship with the Mr. I am closer to him than anyone on the planet. Truth is, I sometimes feel closer to him than to God; but that’s a thought for a different time.
I know this guy. I know his strengths and his weaknesses. I know how to please him and how to hurt him. I know what food he hates and loves. I understand the nuances of the tone of his voice, the look in his eye and how to translate the truth behind the smile. I am fascinated by Dean. I am thrilled to find a gift for him that he loves. I grin when I see other people talking to him about things thinking they know him and he’s just being polite in response. I crack up when someone gives me advice on our relationship.
I’ve driven around with him as he has shown me the houses he grew up in, the schools he attended and the restaurants his mom and dad frequented. I know his stories of childhood pranks and who his friends were and how he spent his summers. I’ve paid close attention and taken notice of the changes the years have brought to this man I love. I see the gray hair and the laugh lines and that he is a little more tired at the end of the day.
I am in love and I know this one who has my heart.
But how well do I know God? Have I studied him the way I have studied Dean? Without knowing the character of God, there can be no relationship.
When I know him, I will trust him. I will please him and live the life intended for me. There’s more to knowing God than believing in Jesus. Surprised? A little offended?
The Christian who accepts the salvation of the cross and stops there will be one, albeit saved from damnation, who lives in a state of subtle frustration. It’s a hard relationship to maintain that will not be fully revealed until Heaven. It feels a bit like a long-distance love affair.
There is a way to know God. There is a record of his likes and dislikes. It is within our grasp to please or hurt him.
If you find yourself at odd times feeling that you’ve made a pact with someone you don’t know; you’re not alone. Maybe it’s time to get to know God...intimately.


Margie said...

great post!!

KayMac said...

agree w/ margie....some good stuff here!

Mrs. Mac said...

Your brain must work overtime to always have such a good post.

Mags4HIM said...

I love, love this post!! I think you ARE HIS REFLECTION.... yep I think I am getting to know my FAther more and more!