Friday, January 26, 2007


In our lifegroup is this guy, Mike. Mike is a little scary-looking. He could totally kick your butt. He is big and tough.
Mike started our lifegroup a few months back. He's a relative of our hosts Tonya and Jimmy. He didn't say much that first night. He sat at the kitchen table while I talked with his arms crossed and I don't recall much direct eye contact. Not knowing him or his history I, as usual, stuck my foot in my mouth a few times. Actually had I known his history I would've pretty much said the same stuff anyway.
When I'm teaching it's always encouraging to see nodding heads or smiling faces. Mike looked somewhere over my right shoulder, kind of cocked his head and didn't nod encouragingly.
And I like him immediately.
That was a few months back.
Since then I don't think he's missed a single group. Since then he's been one of the major forces in getting our new church built and ready. And you oughta hear him talk about it. Passion. A servant of the Most High. He blows me away. He makes dry-walling into worship.
We had lifegroup Wednesday night and when we got there, there was Mike. Ready to tell us about what needed to be done, hoping to finish up so we could move in.
After group we got in the car and the Mr. turned to me and said, "Man, Mike is amazing; isn't he?"
He is indeed. He not only knew the scripture we were reading, he knew it backwards and forwards. And what came before. And what comes after. And what it means.
Mike hasn't had a life lived in perfect places. He's made mistakes and he doesn't mind owning up to them. He doesn't say it's all lollipops and pony rides now.
But man, does this guy shine Jesus. It's on his face and in his posture. It's in his words. As he was talking last night, it hit me; this is a gifted man. It's no wonder satan went after him with barrels blazing. He understands grace and God and the Word on a supernatural level. He's a miracle.
Tonya and Jimmy have a picture that Mike drew of a lighthouse. That picture says it all. This lost ship wasn't going to survive too many more storms when it turned toward the lighthouse and salvation.
We talked about David in lifegroup. Mike reminds me of a modern-day David. Mistake-making and God-seeking all in one man. Humbled by mercy and honored to serve. Stronger and wiser than he knows.
I see why hell tried to kill him.
I can't wait to see what he does to satan.

1 Samuel 13:14
...the LORD has sought out a man after his own heart...


Margie said...

AMEN sister. Tonya and I were talking about him this morning and how amazing his knowledge of the bible was. I was so freaking impressed. I often wonder what he thinks of me. I don't know why, but I do.

He is amazing.

tina fabulous said...

i know him not but he sounds fabulous. as you know, i always appreciate anyone who, upon first meeting, eyes everyone suspiciously from afar.

Tonya said...

Very Nicely done Sara! I can not wait to read this to Mike! I was crying just reading this. Love Ya, Sister!

Sara said...

t~, you know mike. you just don't know you know him. i'll point him out to you sunday. he's a metro mechanic.i bet you're the first person to ever call him fabulous! now that you mention it; his attitude was not unlike your own that first sunday 15 years ago!

tina fabulous said...

ha! well there ya have it.

i try to steer clear of the mm's. i'm always afraid i'm going to get in their way and they'll think i'm an idiot.

Pastor J said...

I was with Mike and his ever present side kick James at the Metro Campus tonight. Actually, I am not sure who is whose side kick but either way they are sweet! They came rolling in after doing their 'Day Jobs' for 14 hours or so. How sweet is that.

This is why we started Metro. So lost people would be found. So found people would grow. And those who think they don't need to grow and serve will go ruin some other church. Ok, that last statement isn' part of our official Mission Statement but you get the point. Mike has found a place to belong. Belief followed belonging. He is growing because he is willing to serve, to connect, to ask questions, to be honest and mostly because he was humble enough to accept grace. I just love what is happening with this cat.

And LIFE GROUPS at Metro ROCK! Way to go Sara!

PS. This is my first post or comment on a post ever in this world they call the Blogashpere. Makes me feel powerful. Very powerful.

MSUgal86 said...

i can't figure out why i keep visiting all these other churches when i probably need to try Metro, the only church that doesn't pass judgment the second you walk through the door.

p.s. you gotta love a Pastor who refers to one of his flock as a cat!