Thursday, July 12, 2007


“Discernment is God's call to intercession, never to faultfinding.” Corrie Ten Boom

Do you ever look at someone and realize immediately that there's something a little "off" there? Are you a good judge of character? Good instinct? Trust your gut?
When someone lies, do you kind of know it somewhere deep down? Can you "read" people?
Maybe you are a good judge of character, as the saying goes.
I'd say I am all of the above. I'm rarely proven wrong. That's not boasting, it just is. One of the aspect of the abilities God has given me so I can do what he made me to do. I do know this gift, if that's what it is, causes me some times of tension and even debate. The debate is, once I know someone is a little shifty, why do I still stay involved with them?
Believe it or not, Christians have a definite tendency to back away from the problem children out there. Some part of us (some of us at least) is still hooked on consequences while we're living on grace. I'm not above doing the same. It's a sincerely generated idea that with a little pain, we'll learn not to repeat our mistakes. It isn't entirely a crazy idea.
Then again, I have found the most satisfying relationships I have with people are grounded in recognizing the person with their luggage. Not increasing my suspicion or looking through their purse while they're in the bathroom. I have a current favorite saying, "It is what it is." This is entirely liberating relationally.
No one who refuses to see the hidden side of the heart can help shed light there. It is our particular challenge to shed light to dispel the darkness instead of to reveal the sinner. Such a subtle thing, yet so enormous.
Are you a good judge of character? Could you use that insight to pray for and love the shifty characters you discover? Let it be a call to intercession when we realize some heart is far from God.


Becky said...

i wish i had a little discernment. see, that's why you are a nurse-to see thru the icks and get to the real need for your pts

Margie said...

great post, I am an intercession pray-er. "God give them the opportunity to be Your light"

Terry said...

No sometimes I am not a good judge of character Sara.
As far as shifty characters, I have always had a pity for them and more than once have been taken advantage of, but I hope in the long run that I have given them a little bit of the gospel to think about.
One time we painted a lady's house so that when the bank came to see if it was worth to lend her the money for another five years, that they would.
I know that in some ways the lady might of been taking advantage of me and my two friends and Bernie, but after we had the job done and the house passed inspection, she asked
"How can I ever repay you?"
"Well", I said, "You have four children here. Can I pick them up on Sundays to take them to Sunday School?"
She said yes Sara and that was the best pay that I ever did get for a job.
The kids came for a few years and they brought out their three cousins so in the long run, even though that mother COULD have paid for our doing the house, because she could afford to go to Bingo every night, we were the gainers.
Those children will never forget the word of God that was planted, eh?
There I go again.
Don't comment for a few days and when I do, I am a long winder..Love Terry

Arlene said...

I used to think I had good discernment until some people didn't turn out to be what I thought. I have come to realize that I need more of God's discernment in this life. I used to be very trusting and still want to be. God help me be more like you! BY HIS STRIPES!