Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tagged!! Argh!

So Kathy tags me something about eight random facts about me, which should be riveting. Since basically I give you at least ten random facts every Saturday and several bonuses throughout the week. Which reminds me; why do you keep coming back here?
In case you're wondering why Kathy would bother to tag me being that I never call her; consider the picture on your left. That's K with the funky hair cut and me being infantile. Clearly, she adores me.

1. I am chronically constipated. Interestingly; we have a secretary named Michelle filling in while our secretary Marsha is on vacation. I have pooped every day since Michelle has been at work.
2. I have insomnia too. This is from spending the night with Kathy as a child; resulting in hypervigilance carrying over from being told that there are aliens landing in the back yard or being convinced to go "ask grandma for a midnight snack" resulting in worse terror than the alien invasion. I have PTSD now.
3. I have recently realized I look like the mail man as played by Fred Astaire in Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.
4. I invented Margie.
5. My mom promised me a hamster when we moved to our new house when I was in the seventh grade. My mom is a liar.
6. I really want to work in the prison system on a forensic unit.
7. There may be a hit on me as we speak. Checking my bed for a horse head on a daily basis.
8. I wouldn't mind being an assassin.
9. My head always hurts. Probably it's sad from being attached to my Fred Astaire claymation face.
10. I inadvertantly posted nine facts but refused to post the rules so all in all; I did a poor job of responding to the tag. I also am not tagging 8 people. If you read this; you're tagged.
Please be sure to include your bowel pattern in your responses.


Becky said...

you are just not right!

Pat said...

AS for #5 - get over it. Like you never lied to your kids - HA!
Anyway - rodents should never be considered pets -THEY ARE RODENTS !!

Terry said...

You are a little munchkin Sara..
Yeh Kathy had a funky hair cut alright but face it, at least she HAD hair.

Hampsters aren't rodents Miss Patty!
In todays world even white rats aren't rodents.
They are kids' pets!
One time Gracey brought a white rat home from school and after she had it for a few days, she felt sorry for it.
"It is SO lonely!"
She took her allowance and bought her white rat a friend.
That way it wouldn't be lonley anymore.
Well, to make a long story short[something that THIS long winder really finds hard to do!],within a few short weeks there were so many little rats that she couldn't count them all!
That heartless Dad Golden gathered them all up, cage and all and took them out for a drive...To the COUNTRY and let them all out, even the great great gramma and the great great grampa!
I have heard of mean people doing this to kitties but can you imagine those poor kids of Gracey's being gobbled UP by those dropped off cats!!
NOT a pretty sight!!...Love Terry

Pat said...

Dad Golden is a man after my own heart!

Margie said...

hey, Dad Golden was like me! He made sure everyone (all the cats and wildlife- wildlife=tenagers)was fed!

MSU gal said...

LOL. So true...all of them! Guess you're gonna have to find a way to get rid of marsha and keep Michelle!

sorry about that midnight snack stuff. no wonder you don't call me!

Margie said...

I love you! and I'm praying for you.

KayMac said...

You are a hoot and a total original!!

tina fabulous said...

what are they doing to you in that picture? it looks like some sort of experiment. you appear unpleased.

Pat said...

She was actually quite amused, she just had a bath and I was putting her little slippers on her delicate feet. She always liked to wear slippers.