Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pet Names

1. Superman
2. Underpants
3. Fidel
4. Snoopy (for a cat)
5. Guidot
6. Lew (for Lewiston and CS Lewis)
7. Levi (both a denim trouser and a high priest!)
8. Metro (southdog or cat)
9. Blues (we've had Jazz already)
10.Your vote here!


Margie said...

you need to take some time and mourn your pooch before you even think of getting a new one.

Pat said...

Amen to what Margie said...she is very wise you know.

Terry said...

Yes I agree with Margie and Miss Patty Sara.
Even though eventually you WILL get another dog, even that dog will never replace Jazz.
From reading the comments, I think that that doggie was one of a kind.
Even with all of our teasing Sara, I think that we still feel you sadness.
Maybe just listen to your friend, Margie and your mom..Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Please do not try to replace your dog. I did that when I got Miss Holly ... she replaced Missy ... Missy was a one of a kind gem ... Miss Holly wears me thin. I vote no on the name Underpants ... can you just imagine if the neighbors hear you saying your looking for underpants ;) Metro gets my vote when the time is right.

tina fabulous said...

underpants! underpants!

i love "lew". its genius.

Deb said...
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Deb said...

Great pet names.

Our dog is Chauncy.
- named after the butler in some movie I once saw.

Some other pet names:
my cats: BJ (after BJ Honeycutt on M*A*S*H) and Lady Godiva.
Turned out after I took them to the vet that BJ was a girl and Godiva was a boy. who knew?! They already responded to their names - so, BJ and Godiva it was. (except now Godiva was for Godiva Chocolate - he was white and grey - Godiva makes white chocolate, yes?)

How about Shadrach? Shaddy for short...

Pat said...

How about, Maybelater.

Arlene said...

You know when we lost Muffy a couple of years back we tried to replace her. We got another red poodle and she was so cute. Her personality, however, wasn't so cute. She was very stubborn and after a year she still wasn't totally poop trained. She just went when and where she wanted to. Give yourself a little while. The right animal will come along soon!