Saturday, July 21, 2007

On The Bright Side

1. Got some flowers from my girl Margie; thanks sweet pea! You made my day.
2. Went out for a dinner date with the Mr. last night.
3. Lost three pounds.
4. Finally found a pair of shoes that feel good for work; New Balance.
5. Court is over! Don't ask.
6. Boss bought everybody lunch at work.
7. Excited about a new Bible study I'm starting.
8. Really felt Jesus all week.
9. Not constipated!
10. Beautiful weather for the weekend.


Pat said...

May your flowers ever smell sweet, may your shoes never pinch your toes and may your laxative remain in the medicine cabinet shelf.

Terry said...

Dear Sara...As Jake Hess would say you "ain't doing nothin' but fine"!!
Glad to hear the music in your voice.
Heard it in you heart all last week and you managed to put it right into mine!
Love Terry

PS..Those shoes weren't china ones..too bad!
They are the bestest.
I think I picked up those three pounds you lost...not FAIR!

Becky said...

bible study??? email me???
still not smoking!
kid left w/o broken bones!
everyone healthy!

tina fabulous said...

congrats on #9!

Deb said...

as usual, I'm behind in my comments.

how long have I been mentioning my New Balance shoes in my blog? I know I talked about them somewhere. maybe not. anyway - you are me...

except I'm rarely constipated. Eat more fiber - less chocolate.

happy to hear that court is over --I'd been praying about that...

have you noticed that I use this punctuation alot? "..."