Saturday, February 23, 2013

A list while taking a break from housework!

1.  Good grief, when am I going to regain my stamina?
2.  I have more pajamas than street clothes, and I'm not sorry.
3.  Got my hairs did this morning.
4.  My wonderful sweet Mr. just put a pot roast into the oven for our dinner.  I like him.
5.  Doing the latest and greatest in diet theories, take whatever your normal potion would be (even if it's over large) and eat half.
6.  I'm not, however, weighing.  I get obsessed and disgusted.
7.  I get a weird degree of joy from (un)dusting.
8.  I buyed me some clip in bangs at the Ulta and they are fab-u-lous.
9.  MEN STOP READING, you've been warned.  My cycle is all askew.  Started 2 weeks early following my surgery (breast surgery triggers hormone surges.)  Now I seem to be about a week late from where that should put me.  Please comment if you know when I'm going to start my period.
10.  Time to take my tortoise self back to work and clean this house.

1 comment:

Pat said...

Sounds like you need to be recycled!