Monday, February 11, 2013

Donny, X Box and cookies~

Ready for another Smith story?
Well, regardless you're gonna get one.
The other day, Mac was running late for school and left the gate open.  A few minutes later, I let Donny out and then wondering why he was staying out in the freezing cold for so long, discovered the open gate and lack of a dog in our yard.  If you have a dog that you love, you know the feeling of aggravation and panic.  Donny has a license and dog tags but I still worried that someone would just take him home or that he'd be hit by a car.  Home alone and without car keys (Mac had taken my car and both of our keys,)  I had no choice but to go walking the neighborhood looking for him. 
After about 20 minutes of walking and yelling, "Doooooonnnny!" a very nice guy came jogging up to ask if I was looking for a black and brown hound dog.  Shew!  Turns out Charlie and a couple of neighborhood kids had corralled him, given him a cookie and called Dean's cell phone which was on his tags.  Charlie walked me down the street toward the young men who had my dog on a leash and were in the process of bringing him home.  Donny was looking very happy at having met some new friends and was ready to be retrieved from this play date and come home.
Three very sweet teenage boys (Matt, Conrad and Paul,) informed me that Donny was "really cool" and that hey had enjoyed a cookie with them. 
It seems, as Matt reported, that the following transpired...
"We were in my basement playing X Box and I looked up and I was like 'Dude!  There's a cool dog out there watching us!'"
Yes, Donny was watching the kids through the basement window as they played video games.  The guys came up the stairs and as Charlie was driving by and saw the situation, enlisted his help to get a leash on Donny.  He was, it seems, very cooperative. 
So there I was, two blocks from home and already a bit tired from walking in the biting wind and yelling for Donny (who I now knew had been eating cookies and playing X Box.)  I snapped his leash on him, gave thanks all around and headed home.  Of course, hopped up on cookies and X Box, Donny was not well-behaved on the leash and pulled with all of his 70 pound weight toward home.  Happily, my incisions didn't all pop open but I was sure hurting for a few days afterward. 
The moral of the story? 
The combination of an absent-minded 23 year old and a social butterfly cookie-eating hound dog results in sore boobs. 


Pat said...

Just one more great Smith story, and I'm glad it ended well.

Margie said...

You crack me up!