Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Early Sunday morning~

Early Sunday morning, I awakened to a quiet house and thoughts of the Lord.  I laid there for a bit (how long, I don't know for sure.)  I greeted the day and the Holy Spirit with it.  I gave myself to God, asking for his guidance.  I had a worshipful wordless spirit, if that makes any sense at all.  If it doesn't, I pray that you will soon learn what that means. 
The present day can be thought of as one of great opportunity for Christians.  We can easily find God through books, devotionals, calendars, online, webinars, small groups, conferences, I Tunes, You Tube...with the click of a mouse or a short drive to a venue or book store, you can find just exactly what you need.  How astounding this is, when one considers the people who have lived in  situations where a single page of the Bible was passed around and hidden from the government.  What tremendous privilege we enjoy, as others die fighting for the right to simply proclaim the name of Jesus.  So please, don't think I'm criticizing all of these opportunities to learn, grow and understand God.
But as I laid in my bed on Sunday morning, I was thankful for the simplicity of my relationship with the Creator of the universe.  Any pain that I bear can be relieved with just the mention of his name, all alone in the breaking dawn.  Any wisdom I lack can be obtained with a quiet heart and a spirit laid open to receive.  Any peace or courage or joy that I can imagine can be sought and found without a sound as I still myself before him. 
The distance between heaven and my bedroom grows smaller and my spirit seems to soar beyond the pistachio green walls.
I am reminded of a marriage that crosses the subtle line between celebrating love through romantic moments and relying on them to survive.  Candlelit dinners and flowers, sweet cards and gifts; how lovely it is enjoy the sparkle and shine of love.  Yet, there are couples who are forever desperately reaching for the next wonderful something to create the feeling of loving and being loved.  In the quiet of their home, the distance between their hearts is too great to cross. 
Show me, instead, the husband and wife who share a cup of coffee in the morning in their own kitchen and find it bliss.  Hair askew, bathrobes and slippers and no plans for anything other than time in one another's presence.  That is the kind of bride I want to be to Christ.  Enraptured by the luxury of time in his presence, by his nearness and the simplicity of his love.  Amazed that he chooses me; in pajamas and with nothing particular to say.
Nothing but, "I love you," and more importantly, "You love me." 
That is the message of the wordless worship I treasure. 
You, my Lord, are beyond words.  Let me lie here then, and be amazed.


Diane said...

Amazed.....I love that word! One of the joys of living alone (and it does have it's moments!) is that quiet time with the Lord can happen pretty much anytime during your day and/or evening. If I awaken at 2 a.m. feeling the need to crank up the music and just praise and worship the Lord, it doesn't bother anyone else.

I love reading your posts, dear Sara. Your heart is so open to the Lord and so tender...ground so well prepared for the planting of the Holy Spirit. I love you, my dear Sister!

Mrs. Mac said...

Just beautiful ..